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Solidparking ATP smart parking system

Release time:2022-01-06

Automated Parking System Tower Type

Tower-type automated parking systems are also known as car storage lifts or parking lifts. Solidparking ATP-Tower type automated parking systems are popular in Asia and South Asia, and they are slowly gaining popularity in the United States as well. If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to your city’s parking problems, a tower automated parking garage may be the answer. It is perfect for those who are looking for an efficient way to park their car in a very squeezed area. The Tower Parking Lift system can store your car vertically on multi-floors, stacked one on top of the other, thereby maximizing the number of parking spaces and minimizing the amount of space required for parking vehicles.

An automated parking garage can also be a great investment for any city that is looking to solve its parking problems.

How the ATP works:

The driver drives the car into the transfer area, then leaves when receiving the instruction through indict light.

The carrier takes the car and transports it to the pre-determined parking space in the system.

Retrieve the car following the same instruction, users operate the control panel and wait for the carrier to pick up the car and deliver it to the transfer area.

The main parts of ATP include steel structure, platform, high-speed lifting system, carrier, electrical control devices, safety protection devices, and door of the transfer area. We provide customization services for 90° or 180° rotating carriers in the transfer area to give drivers a more convenient user experience.

The car is stored in the garage until the owner returns and pays the fee. The car is then retrieved and delivered to the owner. The whole process is automated and requires no human intervention.

Safety protector devices:

Automated door: Prevent people from entering if the carrier is not parked in the right position, and prevent people from entering when the system is not available.

Guide devices: There are guide lights, mirrors, and voice systems equipped, to provide complete guidance to users.

Person detection sensor: Once detect there are still people or pets staying in the transfer area, the door will stay opened and the system will stop running.

Photocell sensor: Fully detect the dimension of the cars, and also can effectively detect the mirror and bumper of the car, ensuring the car’s safety.

Since we are overrun with cars, minutes or even hours are lost in search of a parking space, the street is overloaded.  The solution to all the parking problems is very important. With the ATP systems, cars are stacked one on top of each other, on several levels. This solution allows 10 times more cars to occupy the same footprint as would have done in normal parking conditions. An automated parking garage can be erected on an empty lot, even in between buildings. They come in different sizes, so a city can choose which type of garage fits its needs best. Also, ATP can provide more than just space-saving, cars and drivers will be safer since there is no public access to parked cars, driving around in search of a parking space is no longer needed, it will bring our easy daily routine back! With an automated parking garage, the city’s parking problem is solved.



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