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Car Parking Lift Brief Introduction

Release time:2021-05-21

What is a Car Parking Lift?

Car storage lifts or car parking lift use the vertical space that is otherwise wasted in your garage by raising your car off the ground. You can park another car below it because of this. A car lift is an excellent substitute for a costly upgrade that expands your garage. Because of their ease and usefulness, vehicle storage lifts are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners with trouble fitting enough parking in their garage.

Why do you need a car parking lift?

1. An auto lift safeguards your investment.

Investment in a vehicle is significant. Adding the capability to park your automobiles inside your house will help you protect that investment and has the following benefits:
• Vehicles kept in garages are much safer from theft and damage.
• Garage parking extends the life of your car’s body and, to a lesser extent, its engine.

2. Winterized garage space for your favorite car

The winters do not offer the best driving conditions for high-end sports or historic cars. Until the weather improves, automobile lovers with small garages can park their beloved vehicle on a car lift. This spares you the high cost of maintaining your prized automobile in an off-site storage facility for an entire year.

3. There are more uses for vehicle storage lifts.

Despite being referred to as “car lifts,” these practical devices can store much more than just cars. Car lifts can hold larger vehicles like SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks with the right weight. Even your lawn mower, snow blower, and motorcycles may be stored in them while not in use.

4. Vehicle upkeep is much simpler.

You’ll value a car lift’s adaptability if you prefer to take a hands-on approach to maintain your vehicle. A car lift’s exceptional accessibility makes maintenance and repairs on the underbelly of your automobile much simpler. Invest in a car lift that has received CE certification if you intend to work on your automobile from underneath. This guarantees your security.

5. Your one-car garage should be used to keep your second car.

One-car garages are found in most homes. You cannot use the advantages of garage storage if your family has two automobiles. Thanks to a car lift, you can now park that second car beneath your roof. That’s especially pleasant throughout the winter. Your vehicles won’t need to be cleared of ice and snow, and they’ll start more easily on bitterly cold mornings (especially if your garage is heated).

Any parking lift can significantly improve a parking space’s storage capacity without expanding the horizontal space that a building must set aside for that purpose. You could choose to use these various automobile parking lift system types.

Double Car Parking Stackers
Two Post Car Parking Lift or Four Post Car Storage Lift ( TP-200 /  TP-210 / TP-230H / TP-250 / TP-270H / TP-270 / TP-320 / FP -360 )

Double Car Stacker systems raise an automobile to the roof of a typical garage using either motor empowered or hydraulic empowered. By doing this, the first car that has been elevated up can be parked below a second one. The locking system secures the stability of the parking platform when it is raised in a certain position. The vertical beams that encircle the platform and can be positioned out of the path near the corners of a garage and between the boundaries of parking spaces support the entire structure.

The power units entirely power these car park lifts, and the lift height, with options of different parking height overhead, can be adjusted to meet your demands. The raised platforms cannot be lowered until the vehicles underneath them have been moved.

Triple/Quad/Penta Car Stackers ( FP-360X / FP-630/ MPS-3 / MPS-4 / MPS-5)

The name of these parking car elevators alludes to the total number of vehicle levels they produce. Tri-Lifts, Quad-Lifts and Penta-Lifts which can fit many cars in a third or fourth or fifth of the space of a typical parking lot, are typically constructed in connected configurations to allow numerous rows of vehicles. The lifts are hydraulically powered and can safely carry smaller cars and bigger SUVs. This system necessitates removing vehicles from lower levels before those from higher levels can be removed from their spots, just like MPS and VTS model.

MPS Multi-level Parking system

MPS use hydraulic systems to raise a car platform that is directly coupled to two thick vertical columns instead of dangling chains, which allows them to hold heavier loads than some of the two post parking lift models. The Park lifts can endure contact with wetness and can be installed outside and below the roof of a parking structure because they are made of hot-dipped and galvanized steel. These parking spaces are made to be as versatile as possible and can even be moved once they have been built. For vehicles on top to escape once more, automobiles on the ground level must first drive out from beneath the upper level.

VTS Scissor Type Basement Paring Lift

The VTS is one of the various kinds of car parking systems. This method, most frequently used in residential situations, is designed to enhance parking space by lowering a platform. Four support posts are used to link the two platforms at each corner of its box-like frame, containing two platforms: one at the bottom and one at the top. This structure is supported by a scissor lift that may raise and lower it as needed to bury the bottom platform underground or make it visible from the ground level. The x-shaped scissor lift can flatten down or extend upward to complete this duty.

Semi-Automated Parking System
PPS Series

It is a lift and slide puzzle parking system called the PPS system. The necessity for people who have parked on the bottom to move their cars out of the way is eliminated because it has many rows and platforms that can each move independently with chains. Because it resembles a children’s slide puzzle with repositionable tiles and one column always left empty to allow for movement, it is known as a puzzle parking system. These parking structures have platforms that can move vertically and horizontally, enabling owners to lower automobiles parked on higher levels when they return.

Puzzle Parking with Pit (PPS-2-1)
PPS-2-1 uses an underground pit to circumvent the problem of moving cars to reach those stored overhead. It has three platforms in each column, one above and one below, powered by motor. Even though both places are occupied, as the two platforms are slid downward, a person can only remove the automobile on top.

Automated Parking System

Tower Type Automated Parking System ATP

There are two shelves in this automatic parking system, one on the left and one on the right. When an automobile needs to be kept inside, a platform between the two shelves receives it and then transfers it to an opening in either of the racks; the car may be moved in all directions, including forwarding, backward, and side to side.

Shuttle Car Parking System ASP

ASP has the potential to have the most flexible overall design out of all the possible automobile parking options. It also transports vehicles into a storage space below ground. However, it has a significantly wider surface with a better vehicle capacity on each floor and can extend deeper than two floors underground. It accomplishes this by moving its platform in all four major horizontal directions like how the ATP does. The platform can move between two shelves and position automobiles where there are open locations, but the shelves are built downward rather than upward.

2021.6.18 , 30 units of TP-270 has been installed in the underground parking lot of Zara Mall.

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