Multi-Stacker Parking System
  • 55 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 2100 mm2100 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2000 mm1500 mmParking Height
  • 3000 KGLifting Capacity

Multi-stacker car parking lift, 3 floors and 4 floors are optional. High density design performs great for car storage purpose. Pump station and post sharing design increase space utilization while reducing costs. Enforced parking platforms with anti-fall design on each corner make a perfect worry-free parking experience.

Four Post Parking Lift
  • 45 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 2300 mm2150 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2000 mm1700 mmParking Height
  • 2700 KGLifting Capacity

FP-630 is four post triple stacker car lift. It is suitable for car storage. FP-630 is a combination of a large 4 post lift and a small 4 post lift. They have their own control systems. Compared to other storage parking lifts, FP-630 has higher security and cost performance.

Four Post Parking Lift
  • 40 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 4970 mm2000 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2100 mm1800 mmParking Height
  • 3600 KGLifting Capacity

FP-360 is a four-post parking lift certified by CCQS. The lifting capacity of 3600kg can park any SUV or Pick-up truck. It has three lifting height available  1.8m, 2m and 2.1m.