Cantilever Parking System
  • 60 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 3000 mm2400 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2060 mm1560 mmParking Height
  • 2000 KGLifting Capacity

CPS-2 is Cantilever Pit Two Post Car Parking Lift. It’s also a kind of two-column hydraulic parking device. The standard lifting capacity is 2,000 Kg (~5511.56 lbs.). Easy Installation and multiple safety features are highlights of CPS-2. The lift is capable to park two SUV Vehicles vertically in the pit.

Inground Parking System
  • 45 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 2300 mm2100 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2100 mm1500 mmParking Height
  • 3000 KGLifting Capacity

SolidParking IPS-2/3/4 is used for underground parking. Once the predetermined lifting height is reached, the trolley will contact the limit switch and stop the motor.

Pit Two Post Parking Lift
  • 45 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 2400 mm1850 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2300 mm1550 mmParking Height
  • 2500 KGLifting Capacity

SolidParking PPS-2 has become the most popular mechanical parking lift system in the world because of its cost-effectiveness and practicality. The standard lifting capacity is 2,500Kg.  Ease of installation, shared post design and multiple safety functions are the highlights of PTP-2.

Puzzle Parking System
  • 55 SecondsLifting Time
  • UP TO 2200 mm2100 mmParking Width
  • UP TO 2000 mm1500 mmParking Height
  • 2300 KGLifting Capacity

For limited area,  parking spaces can be multiple. It has the characteristics of low noise and stable running. PPS has been widely used in public aera such as hospitals, stations, shopping malls and so on.