As a leading automated parking system production base in the industry, we have 107 production equipment and 83 small pieces of equipment that can realize an annual production capacity of 50,000 parking spaces.

The company has introduced a full set of advanced Italian environmental protection hot-dip galvanizing and galvanizing equipment, which has been awarded the “International Galvanizing Demonstration Factory” and the observation site of the International Galvanizing Conference by the International Galvanizing Association. Adhering to the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection enterprise development, the Qingdao base factory design adopts a fully enclosed circular workshop, and the factory electricity consumption 60% comes from the roof solar power generation, ground source heat pump, and waste heat reuse, to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction of the whole production process.

The company has a variety of equipment such as a Japanese Takeshi Machinery CNC profile processing line, German industrial robot, Italian Feserp drilling, and joint production line, PLUS CNC laser cutting machine, etc., with high processing accuracy, stable processing quality, high production efficiency, and first-class processing level.

Our production processing center in Qingdao covers an area of more than 330,000 square meters, with advanced equipment from Germany, Italy and Japan. Our hot-dip galvanizing production line makes our parking equipment more stable and has a longer service life. We have an automatic powder coating production line, laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, beam production line, wave plate production line, bending machine, and lathe. We can provide customers with suitable and efficient design solutions according to their requirements and terrain conditions.

Our parking systems are widely used in residential communities, office buildings, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, stadiums, and other places. SolidParking is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. We have obtained ISO9001, CE and other international certificates, which further guarantee the quality of our products and services.


At Solid Parking, we lead with expertise by providing a comprehensive service that includes all stages. This starts with development, when we work closely with our partners to design each new parking system according to their requirements and market demands.

After this stage, we also take care of the in-house manufacturing of these systems. Our machining service allows us to provide metal machined parts while also creating prototypes, small-batch, or mass production parts based on the provided blueprints. For us, this is a craft that requires a great deal of creativity, sharp competency, and solid expertise. Every single day, we put all these differentials on the table to empower our customers with parking solutions that save them time and money. We also understand that while technology and engineering are an important part of our business, we must also pair them with exceptional pre and after-sales service. 

Our 24/7 professional technical support team is ready to kindly assist our clients before, during, and after their purchase, so they can enjoy a great experience through the entire process.

Contact us, and let’s discuss how our professional parking solutions can meet your parking demands.

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Engineering is a fast-paced industry. That’s why we always strive to evolve and create an environment where innovation and new ideas can flourish, so we can offer vanguard solutions that satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients. 


We make hard work the standard for everything we do. We choose to always lead by example by going the extra mile to provide bespoke parking solutions that can be implemented timely and effectively.


We want to become a company you can rely on, and the first step towards this goal is being true to what we say and do. For us, trust is not an option but an everyday obligation. 


We always make it about our clients. They are the only ones who, at the end of the day, will define how successful we are and how accurately we’ve accomplished our job. Your satisfaction is ours. 


Offering the best product and service quality is a key part of our philosophy. We don’t take short-cuts, and work towards building a consistent reputation that our clients can come to depend on.



Out of our life long passion for developing novel solutions through the power of cutting-edge technologies and creative engineering, as well as our desire to generate a positive impact in terms of efficiency and productivity for people worldwide. 

Solid Parking was born out of a powerful idea: to turn parking into a solid, simple thing. In a world where in most urban centers space is of the essence, we strongly believe it is time to reinvent the way we park, so we can push both space and efficiency to their limits. 

Every single day we use our skills to get a deep understanding our clients’ challenges, enabling us to create bespoke solutions for each one of them based on their pain points and needs.

We want our values to be reflected in cutting-edge parking solutions that embrace technology through innovation, engineering, creativity and reliability. This will help us take a big step forward and simplify the lives of thousands of people around the world. 

The future of parking awaits, and we can take you there.


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We are committed to designing and manufacturing both manual and automated parking systems that are fully customized to meet our clients’ needs or requirements. Our success is built on a set of solid values such as innovation, experience, and the implementation of leading engineering solutions that can deliver real benefits for our clients and help them enjoy a more efficient parking experience.



To become a global and highly reputed leader within the parking systems industry. Our ambition is to turn parking into a solid, simple thing. We dream of a future where, through our technology, clients across the world can enjoy a seamless parking experience that saves them time and money.

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