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More than Solid Quality !

Release time:2021-05-21

Quality control is essentially the core key of our company, many different methods of quality control have been developed over the years in Solidparking. A qualified team, an established procedure, covering each stage of production, test, and packing. Ensuring that the quality of the product meets the clients’ needs and any industry standards that are present. 

This post will briefly introduce our quality management.

  1. 1. Maintenance of the production line.  
  2.     Regular maintenance could help us remain the production standard,  minimize error to achieve a smooth manufacturing process, and make the      equipment-related   activities efficiently.    
  4. 2. Professional team training and learning. 
  5.     Employee training, maintaining our employees are qualified for all assigned tasks. Keep the team highly skilled.
          3. Supplier quality management.
              Supplier qualification investigation and test to ensure high-quality raw materials and supplies.


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