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Elevator Parking Garage For Car Transportation and Storage

Release time:2021-10-08

Elevator Parking Garage Introduction

Garage elevator is a new term to many people. When most people talk about elevators, they think of those that carry people up and down office buildings or apartment complexes. However, there is another type of garage elevator that is used to transport cars and heavy objects between different levels in a parking garage or the warehouse. If a lift is specially designed for conveying or storing cars, we call it the elevator parking garage or parking garage elevator. In Solidparking product line, we can it vehicle transportation system, AKA VTS.

VTS are commonly used in car dealership shops, house garages and mechanical parking garages like the AGV system, as they provide a quick and easy way to move cars between the different floors in the lot.

The Features of VTS

Car garage elevators have a number of advantages over traditional elevators. First, they are able to handle heavy loads on multiple floors, making them ideal for lifting large vehicles. The lifting capacity can be up to 10 tons per platform. That means car garage elevator can be added one or two more platforms on one lift and park a maximum of 3 cars at the same time. This can make it a perfect solution for hidden underground parking solution in order to save more space for residential houses.

Secondly, they have a high safety performance, ensuring that your car is safe while being transported. For scissor-type VTS, there are fully range anti-fall locks at the bottom of the lift. For four-post type VTS models, there is a double chain design to prevent chain breaking incidents. Because both types of VTS are hydraulic driven, they adopt hydraulic protection as well including explosion-proof valve, overload pressure protection, etc. Also, the hydraulic system makes the movement of the garage car elevator more smooth and stable.

Finally, due to the simplified design and hydraulic system, the cost of a garage elevator is way much cheaper than the traditional elevator.

The Installation of VTS

Additionally, parking garage elevators do not require a lot of space and can be installed in locations where traditional elevators cannot be used. This makes them ideal for low-floor buildings or buildings with limited space. With their many advantages and versatile design, parking garage elevators are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for transporting cars vertically.

The installation of VTS lift needs to be carried out by a team of professional and experienced installation staff. The brief installation steps are as follows:

1. According to the architectural drawings of the site determine the position of the elevator and make an excavation according to the size of the lift.

2. Put U-shaped steel into the hole below is poured with C30 concrete, embed at least 20cm above ground, iron wire hoop, and so on until it reaches design strength (usually 7-28 days ) .

3. After the excavation is completed, according to the position of the anchor bolt sleeve on the drawing, drill M30*1 holes at corresponding positions in the pit and reserve expansion pipe for the anchor bolt.

4. For the Scissor type, use a crane to put the pre-assembled lift into the site. Then bolt the lift to the concrete foundation to fix the position.

5. For the Four-post type, according to the assembly drawings, install the posts first, then the platform after.

6. After the structure installation, install the hydraulic system and electrical control

7. After everything is ready you can start a test run

If you are looking for a garage car elevator for your business or home garage, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect garage car elevator to suit your needs.


The demo video of S-VTS