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4 Post Car Lift You Need To Know

Release time:2022-09-06

Why You Need a 4 Post Car Parking Lift?

Whether you’re a car guy or simply in need of maximizing space, you may have thought about purchasing a 4-post car parking lift. There are many uses for these and different types on the market. Let’s take a look at how this can benefit you as well as things to consider when making a purchase. 

What is a 4 Post Car Parking Lift? 

Much like the name would suggest, a 4-post car lift is a machine that is used to elevate vehicles. This machine operates using a hydraulic system that allows it to easily lift and support the weight of your vehicle, typically being able to hold several tons. 

In other words, there are 4-post car parking lifts that can support anything from a small car to a large SUV. Whether you are an amateur mechanic or simply want to convert your one-car garage into a two-car garage, a 4-post car parking lift has major benefits. 

Benefits of 4-Post Car Parking Lifts

When you look at car lifts, there are two primary types: 2-post and 4-post. If you have noticed the car lifts at mechanics’ places, you are usually looking at 2-post lifts (or sometimes in-ground commercial 1-post lifts). However, there are many reasons why 4-post lifts make better options than 2-post lifts. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of 4-post car parking lifts. 

  1. Strength & Stability

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a 4-post car parking lift is that it will provide you with greater strength and stability. The four posts allow for better balance and provide a better distribution of the load. 

Thus, these types of car lifts can typically handle larger loads than 2-post models. This is a great benefit for those with larger vehicles that they would like to lift. Additionally, a 4-post car lift is very durable and able to be operated for a long time. 

  1. Easy to Install

One of the frustrating aspects of purchasing a 2-post car lift is that it has to be installed by being bolted into the concrete. This is a rough job that brings about an additional cost. It also severely limits the functionality of the car lift. 

However, a 4-post lift does not have this requirement. This is because the four different posts serve to create more support. Thus, this type of lift only needs to rest on the ground to function. This saves you time and energy. 

  1. Mobility

If you don’t operate a professional mechanic shop, you may likely want to move your car lift from time to time. This could be the case whether you move to a new home or simply want to take it out of the garage temporarily for some other purpose. 

Fortunately, a 4-post car lift is easily moveable as it does not have to be bolted into the floor. This gives you a greater amount of flexibility in how you install and utilize your lift. This is simply not a benefit that you get when looking at 2-post models. 

  1. Storage

Many people use the 4-post car parking lift to allow them to store more cars in their garages. However, its design also makes it quite convenient for other types of storage options. These lifts typically have wide areas that can be used to store things. 

Thus, if you have something heavy or bulky, a 4-post lift can be a good storage solution without having to renovate your garage. They are efficient in storing snowmobiles, motorcycles, patio furniture, camping equipment, and other things that can take up precious space in your garage. 

  1. Protect Your Investment

You have a lot of money invested in your car. Protecting that investment is a good idea. If you have a one-car garage but a two-car household (or a two-car garage but a lot of stuff), you may feel like you have to leave at least one car outside. This exposes it to the elements. If you live in an area with wide temperature changes, lots of rain and snow, or lots of pollen and tree sap, this can damage your paint job. 

A 4-post car parking lift allows you to better protect all of your investments. By protecting your paint job and keeping your car free from accidental dents, you can maintain its resale value. You’ll also simply keep it looking great as you drive around town. 

Uses of 4-Post Car Lifts

There are many different uses when it comes to 4-post car lifts. The primary use seems to be parking. Many people want to improve the organization of their garages. A 4-post car parking lift essentially allows you to double the car capacity of your garage. You can easily store one car on top of the other with the lift, providing a lot of extra space for your needs. 

Another major use is for repairing your car. Many of us enjoy working on our vehicles. Even if you aren’t a huge car tinkerer, you probably understand the value of being able to do basic car maintenance and repairs yourself. However, many tasks are simply difficult to do with a car sitting on the ground. A 4-post car lift is a convenient way to easily and safely raise your car to access its underside, enabling you an easier time to do maintenance and repairs. 

One popular use of 4-post car parking lifts is for long-term car storage. Let’s say you have a convertible that you only drive during the spring and summer. A 4-post car parking lift allows you to conveniently store it during the winter without having to take up space. If you have a classic car and want to better protect it from accidental damage, a 4-post car parking lift is a great idea as well. Many uses are depending on your needs. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Garage? 

If you are ready to improve your parking and organization, we are proud to offer high-quality 4-post car parking lifts that will meet your needs. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products and would welcome the opportunity to help you maximize the convenience of your garage.