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Car Storage Lift 4 Post Type: The Most Multi-functional and Economical Parking Solution

Release time:2022-07-12

Four Post Garage Car Storage Lift (FP-360)

Whether you are looking for car lifts for car maintenance, or you simply wish to free up some valuable space in your home garage, Solidparking FP-360 is an excellent way to do it. There are many types of car parking lifts for garage and individual use available on the market. Four post type garage lifts are one of the most versatile and economical solutions.

Benefits/Reasons to Buy a Four Post Car Storage Lift

Four post garage car storage lifts are one of the most popular and widely used vehicle lift designs available on the market. These lifts allow you to simply drive on them and then conveniently raise the level with one button press. Four post car parking lifts double your garage space by parking one car underneath the one you have raised. They are an ideal choice for those who wish to simply store their vehicle in a safer, more efficient manner or those who wish to make routine maintenance a more convenient task as these lifts allow you to get excellent access for tasks like swapping car parts, oil changes, and more. Here are some benefits/reasons to buy a four-post home garage lift:

·      Ideal for vehicle storage. Also, allow for convenient car maintenance.

·      High tensile strength and good overall tolerance.

·      Double safety protection to ensure personal equipment safety.

·      Suitable for all car types and different heights.


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Four Post Car Storage Lift

When you are thinking about buying a four-post car lift, you want to make sure that you get the right one for your specific needs. It would be a complete bummer if you buy a home garage lift only to realize later that you overlooked a certain crucial aspect. To make an educated decision, here are some important things you will need to consider:

Available Garage Space

Before you buy a four-post car storage lift, make sure that you have the space for it in your garage. It is recommended that you measure the dimensions of your garage and ensure that you have sufficient space for the lift you are planning to buy. You will also need to measure the height of your garage to make sure that it is sufficient for both your lift and your vehicle.

Voltage Specifications

You will need to make sure that you have the proper voltage specifications in your home garage to operate your car parking lift. Lifts come in 110V and 220V voltage specs. Make sure that both outlets with the correct voltage specs are available in your garage.

Weight Capacity

Before you buy a four-post car storage lift, learn how heavy your vehicles are. Every car storage lift has a set lifting capacity. So, it is important that you know this parameter as you don’t want to buy a lift only to find out that it cannot handle the weight of your car.

Four Post Car Lift Safety

There are some safety guidelines you will need to follow to ensure safety when operating a four-post car storage lift. These include the following:

·      Before you lift your vehicle, thoroughly check that every pad is properly centered on the frame.

·      Never go under your car while lifting it. Fully raise your car and then lower it on the physical locks before you head underneath.

·      If the lift is not on the locks, avoid parking another vehicle under it. Also, it is not recommended to leave a car on hydraulics overnight.

·      While the hydraulic pistons can firmly hold your car up, a simple seal malfunction can lead your vehicle to fall. That’s why it is recommended that you lower the car onto the physical safe locks just to be safe.

·      When parking your car on the lift, don’t forget to apply the emergency brake. This will help you prevent your car from accidentally rolling off.

·      Double-check that no one is underneath your car while you are lowering it. Pets and kids are notorious for darting around when you are not paying attention. So, practice caution.

A car storage lift is a great way to make routine maintenance more convenient and free up space in your garage. There are many different types of lifts available on the market, but a four-post car storage lift is one of the most versatile and economical solutions. Before you buy a lift, make sure you consider the dimensions of your garage, the weight capacity of the lift, and the voltage specifications. Remember to follow safety guidelines when using a car storage lift. If you have any further question, feel free to contact Solidparking staff at any time.