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Lift and Slide Parking System With Cantilever Design

Release time:2022-03-04

Lift and Slide Puzzle Parking Cantilever type system

Automated car parking systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to maximize space and improve efficiency. Lift and slide parking is the most popular semi automatic parking system. Comparing to the simple car stackers, lift and slide parking systems are more friendly and convenient to the users in public parking senarios.The ground-level plates only do the horizontal sliding movement. The top-level plates only do vertical lifting movement. All the parking platforms on the levels between could move both horizontally and vertically. 

The lift and slide parking system can be up to 9 floors. The most common type is 2-floor puzzle systems. It’s easy to use and maintain. And the cost is extremely low compared to the multiple levels automated parking system. Among all the 2-level puzzle systems, SolidParking’s CPP-2 is considered a great option because of its open-front design. It’s very convenient for users when they are back-in parking onto the platform without chains or steel cables on the sides interfering. The downside is that the lift requires a strong wall in the back to support the weights of both the lift and the parked cars. This video will provide a clear overview of how the CPP-2 works.

The CPP-2 car parking system is composed of a steel structure, transmission system, platform, and control system. The steel structure provides the car parking lift with the necessary strength and rigidity. The transmission system is responsible for lifting and lowering the platform. The platform is where the car is parked. The control system is used to operate the car parking lift.

The CPP-2 car parking lift has a number of safety features that make it safe to use. The car parking lift is equipped with a number of sensors that are used to detect the presence of cars. The car parking lift also has an emergency stop button that can be used to stop the car parking lift in the event of an emergency.

The CPP-2 car parking system is a reliable and efficient way to park cars. It is easy to use and requires no operator intervention. The CPP-2 car parking system is a great choice for businesses and organizations that are looking for a safe and efficient way to park cars. If you are looking for an automated parking system that is safe, efficient, and easy to use, then the CPP-2 car parking system is the perfect choice for you. Contact SolidParking today to learn more about the CPP-2 car parking system and how it can benefit your business or organization.