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Solidparking lift and slid puzzle parking system

Release time:2022-06-22

Solidparking lift and slid puzzle parking system 

The first car parks were introduced in the early 20th century to solve a problem that had been plaguing cities for a very long time- how could they store all those vehicles? The answer came with an invention known as “car park lifts.” These automated parking system takes care of your vehicle by safely storing them without needing any help from humans! Car lifts make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently even if there are difficulties entering or exiting buildings – saving time while ensuring safety.

In this post, we will introduce Solidparking lift and slide puzzle parking system. This type of semi-automated garages are in trend for real estate area but have been built with benefits such as builders or users can boost business by more spaces to park cars without wasting time finding an empty spot when they arrive at their destination. PPS moves platform horizontally and vertically just like a puzzle to park and retrieve the vehicles. Unlike the regular car stacker parking, it needs no dependency of any car on other cars for park or retrieval from the system, which can be easily configured and customized to any using scenario. Solidparking PPS can be driven by both electric motors or hydraulic pumps, very suitable for indoor/outdoor use, the vehicles on the ground floor are parked manually and the other floors are parked automatically. It’s the best suited for residential use, and commercial use like malls, offices and hotels.


Major parts of the puzzle parking system


Steel structure: The steel structure is the main structure of the system. Combined by front post, back post, front beam, back beam and longitudinal beam.

Transmission system: The transmission is mainly combined by lifting motor, sliding motor, a transmission shaft, a transmission chain, a lifting chain, etc.

Platform: Platform beam, wave plate.

Control system: PLC, control panel, electrical devices and electric cabinet.


Safety devices


Photocell sensor: During the operation of the equipment, to prevent people and vehicles from entering by mistake, set the detection of over length and over height. If people or vehicles block the photoelectric block the photocell sensor, the automatic control system of the equipment will automatically stop all actions of the equipment, and display the equipment failure through the warning light and the operation panel.

Warning light: When there is unexpected situation happens, an alarm sound will be issued to remind the users and operator.

Anti-fall devices: The safety anti-fall device apply four independent electromagnets to ensure the uniformity of opening and closing time, effectively prevent the falling of the upper platform, and improve the safety performance of the system.

Limit switch: There is a limit switch in the transmission part of the system, which can effectively prevent the equipment failure caused by the platform exceeding the limited height during the lifting operation.

Chain loose protector: It can effectively prevent the falling of the upper platform  when it descending unevenly or the chain is broken, detect the tightness of the chain, issue an alarm, and improve the safety performance of the equipment operation.

Phase sequence protection devices: It can protect against under-voltage and over-voltage, and at the same time prevent the occurrence of phase misalignment and phase disorder.


Advantages of Solidparking puzzle type automated parking system


· Can apply multiple level and column based on the site and client’s requirement, high space utilization.

· PLC based control system for better control and smooth operation sequencing.

· Advanced surface finishing, out-door use designation available, Anti-corrosive/Slip platform.

· Multiple safety devices.

· Easy maintenance, low operation cost.

· Multiple entrance to save user’s time

· Multiple operation modes are available applied on control panel, easy to operate.

· The chain type used in transmission system ensures the stability and safety of the vehicle during lifting and sliding.


The increase in urbanization is a driving factor for the growth of car elevator parking system. It would be great if it helps you to get to know Solidparking PPS better by reading this post.