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High-End double deck scissor type transportation car elevator

Release time:2023-03-18

Double deck scissor lifts are an efficient and convenient way to move cars from underground to ground level or between different floors without the need for access ramps. 

These lifts feature two platforms connected to four scissorlike arms that can be extended and retracted, allowing the car to move up and down, and turn in any direction. Double deck scissor lifts can be operated manually or through a remote control, depending on the model. 

One of the main benefits of double deck scissor lifts is their versatility. They can be installed in a variety of locations, from underground garages and twostory homes to commercial buildings and shopping malls. The lifts can be used to transfer cars between different levels of a parking structure, adding extra convenience to busy cities. They can also be utilized to turn cars around in tight spaces, allowing them to be parked in difficult locations. In residential settings, double deck scissor lifts can be used to move cars from the garage to the second floor, eliminating the need for a ramp. The lifts can also be used to transfer cars between different floors in a warehouse, or to move them from one area of a shopping center to another. They can even be used in factories or other industrial settings, where they can be used to transport heavy items from one area to another. 

Car elevators are another great application for double deck scissor lifts. These lifts can be used to move a car from the first floor to the second floor without the need for ramps. This is a great way to add extra parking space to a home, as well as providing an easy way to access the car in the garage. Double deck scissor lifts are a great choice for any application that requires the transfer of cars or heavy items. They provide a safe, efficient, and convenient way to move cars between different levels, making them perfect for homes, businesses, and commercial spaces alike. With a variety of models available, it is easy to find the perfect lift for any application. Whether you need to move a car from the ground level to a higher one, or to turn it around in a tight space, double deck scissor lifts can provide the perfect solution.

This car elevator has two platforms. When it is fully lowered, the upper platform could also perform as a passway. The customizable color and platform materials can be easily in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Solidparking two deck scissor car lift comes with a fast speed, humanized design, low noise operation, and comprehensive security performance to guarantee safe operation on any floor. Also, we can add a solid fence to prevent people missed their footing and falling over when they step out of the platform.