Car Stacker Parking Lift

The TP-200 car stacker is the perfect and reliable option if you’re looking for a CE certified car parking lift required low ceiling heights.

Lifting capacity of TP-200 is 2000 KG, which is good for two sedans or one sedan and one mid-size SUV. The outer width can be limited to 2480mm. The Ceiling height requirement can be as low as 2700mm (It depends on the car size).

With its compactible design, it can be easily installed in even the most squeezed spaces. Also, its integrated control box makes wiring a piece of cake. Additionally, with adjustable parking heights and multiple positioning locks, you can customize your parking experience to suit your needs. And in case of an emergency, there’s an emergency stop button and safety key switch controller to keep you safe. So if you’re looking for a car lift that has it all for indoor narrow space, the TP-200 from SolidParking is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more!