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TP-230H with upgraded finishing treatment with excellent anti-rust effects

Release time:2023-01-22
Two post car stacker

In busy shopping malls or office buildings, you can always see people looking for an empty parking space. They come and go waiting for someone to leave so they can find a spot, 10 min, 20 min, and 30 min pass by still no parking space. It affects not only customers’ experience but also your business profit.

A manager of a shopping mall notices that. He asked us to make an economical parking solution. We provided 65 units of 2 post car parking lifts TP-230H for him. This model has a 2300kg capacity, and 2100mm parking width, which is suitable for all sedans and middle SUVs.

Congratulations on the successful installation! These lifts look beautiful and make the parking lot more shiny. More importantly, their customers no longer need to worry about parking spaces in malls. The manager said that he feels sure the customers will like it too. If necessary, he will install extra lifts to make more mechanical parking spaces in the future. Now, he is planning to make a poster showing their parking spaces have been doubled.

If you need a professional solution for car storage, please drop us a note.