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Latest shipping news from SolidParking

Release time:2022-12-02

Latest shipping news from SolidParking. Last week, our shipping staff loaded four 40-foot containers two post car parking lifts product in one day.

Container loading is not an easy job. This job is fraught with danger. Especially for large mechanical parking equipment. In addition to the professional delivery tools, the workers also need to have a long time working experience and skilled operation mode. As our number of deliveries continues to increase, now our shipping workers can load goods into containers very quickly and safely. We are equipped with some professional delivery tools. For example, 10 tons of crane equipment, container loading big bridge, 1-2 forklift tools, lubricating oil and other auxiliary tools.

These double stacker parking lifts will be sent to our long-term cooperation partners in the United States. Each package inside each container is labeled and classified, so that customers can quickly find the parts, saving installation time and labor costs. All the mechanical frame parts are packaged and fixed on the iron frame. Iron frame packaging can be a good way to fix the parts, to protect the parts from collision in a long time of transportation. Regular packaging can effectively use the container space, for customers to save transportation costs. It is very important to have a professional and reliable packaging and shipping team.

The quality of packaging will also affect the customer experience of the product. We will keep improving the user experience for our products from different angle.