Two Post Car Parking Lift
  • 45 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO 2500 mm2100 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO 2300 mm2100 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 3200 KG3200 KG Lifting Capacity

Heavy-duty parking lift TP-320 has been developed In the Year 2016. It is based on the design of our classic two post car parking lift model TP-270. To meet the customer demand for accommodating full-size SUVs and pickup trucks, our engineers reinforced the structure of TP-270. After the modification, the new TP-320 model can easily pass the static load testing of 5500 KG and the dynamic overload testing of 3800 KG.

With this 2 post parking lift, you can make the most of your available space and park two vehicles in the same spot that would normally only accommodate one. This parking lift features a durable powder coating that protects it from the elements and ensures years of trouble-free operation. In the past five years, more than 800 units have been installed in Australia, China, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, and the USA. Order your heavy-duty parking lift TP-320 today and start making the most of your available space!

Some of Key Features

  • Double Telescopic hydraulic cylinders direct drive
  • Laser cutting process for entire structure and parts
  • 2700kg standard lifting capacity
  • Preassembled parts for easy installation
  • Integrated control box for easy wiring
  • 17 full range anti-fall locks
  • Multiple parking heights
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety key switch controller
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Over-height limit Switch
  • Photocell Sensor for obstacle detection
  • Anti-skid ramp and platform
  • Anti-rust smooth powder coating finishing

Two Post Car Parking Lift System
  • 45 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO 2500 mm2100 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO 2300 mm2100 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 2700 KG2700 KG Lifting Capacity

The prototype of two post car parking lift TP-270 was developed in Year 2005, based on our Canadian partner’s requirements. At the very beginning, the lift used two single stage cylinders to raise the parking platform. And the structure came with two anti-fall slabs on the post for the accident prevention and different parking height. The original model name was 106 because of its capacity.

Thanks to the effort of our engineers and former Italian technical consultants, The fifth generation of TP-270 has become a very stable and mature parking lift during Year 2008 to 2010. In 2015, the seventh generation model design of our classic two post lift has been finished and manufactured. We renamed it as TP-270.

This latest design adopts complete laser cutting process to ensure the production precision and product performance. Dual telescopic cylinders design significantly reduces the required height clearance of the lift compared to the old design. 17 Full range dynamic anti-fall lock slots can protect the parked cars from any unexpected incidents at any time. And the electrical control system fully comply with CE standard to guarantee lift users’ safety.

From 2005 till 2019, more than 35,000 units of TP-270 had been delivered and installed all over the world. To explore more information of our TP-270 parking lift, please feel free to contact our sales representatives.

Parking Lift Single Cylinder Model
  • 35 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO 2300 mm2100 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO 2200 mm2100 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO KG2700 KG Lifting Capacity

Parking lift TP-270H is developed from our standard double cylinder type TP-270. Instead of using two cylinders, our engineers put a single cylinder on the lift at this time. The benefits of this new stacking design include more accessible installation, higher parking speed, and lower cost on both equipment and maintenance. [click for details]

Car Parking Lift Single Cylinder Model
  • 40 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO 2200 mm2100 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO 2200 mm2100 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 2700 KG2300 KG Lifting Capacity

Car Parking lift TP-230H is one of the most cost-effective models among all Solidparking products. The major goal of this model is to provide our customers with a parking lift that can accommodate most vehicle models at a very affordable price.[click for details]

Car Stacker Parking Lift
  • 40 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO 2100 mm2000 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO 1850 mm1600 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 2000 KG2000 KG Lifting Capacity

The TP-200 car stacker is the perfect and reliable option if you’re looking for a CE certified car parking lift required low ceiling heights.

Lifting capacity of TP-200 is 2000 KG, which is good for two sedans or one sedan and one mid-size SUV. The outer width can be limited to 2480mm. The Ceiling height requirement can be as low as 2700mm (It depends on the car size).

With its compactible design, it can be easily installed in even the most squeezed spaces. Also, its integrated control box makes wiring a piece of cake. Additionally, with adjustable parking heights and multiple positioning locks, you can customize your parking experience to suit your needs. And in case of an emergency, there’s an emergency stop button and safety key switch controller to keep you safe. So if you’re looking for a car lift that has it all for indoor narrow space, the TP-200 from SolidParking is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more!