Car Turntable
  • 30 s/r Lifting Time
  • UP TO Customizable mm5000 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO Customizable mm170 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 10000 KG5000 KG Lifting Capacity

Car turntables are a cost-effective driveway solution that can be installed quickly and easily to help solve steep driveway issues or provide access to a small area. They could also be used for car exhibition display, adding a dynamic touch to your business.  Sometimes car turntable comes with parking solutions especially automated parking system to improve parking experience.

Four Post Vertical Platform Lift
  • 60 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO Customizable mm3000 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO Customizable mm3000 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 5000 KG3000 KG Lifting Capacity

Vertical Platform lift is an ideal solution for transporting heavy cargo, machinery, and vehicles between different floors. The lifts have a platform that moves up and down vertically. It is considered as an industrial car elevator or a cargo lift. Users can simply drive onto the platform and transport the goods to their desired floor. Vertical platform lifts can carry heavy loads of 5,000 kg or even more at each time. 4-Post type vertical platform lift is the most simple structure designed lift among all the types. The lifts are driven by a hydraulic power station which can provide a heavy weight capacity at an affordable cost. . They can be installed in small areas because they require either no shallow pit or no ramp. All of these features make the 4 post type platform lifts F-VTS stand out.

Residential Car Elevator and Business Platform Lift
  • 60 Seconds Lifting Time
  • UP TO 5000 mm3000 mm Parking Width
  • UP TO 100000 mm3000 mm Parking Height
  • UP TO 10000 KG5000 KG Lifting Capacity

SolidParking S-VTS is a hydraulic scissor-type car elevator garage to transport vehicles or cargo between floors or be considered as an elevator parking garage hidden in the basement and underground.

S-VTS is a typical residential car elevator. It could provide single and double platforms and enhanced designs for two and four-cylinders. And the measurement, lifting height and load capacity could be fully customized, we could always make the car lift based on your needs and using scenario. And another advantage of our S-VTS is the pre-assembled car lift system, the installation is easier, and time and labor costs could be saved dramatically.

The car elevator’s payload ranges from 500 kg to 20,000 kg and is adjustable. For the lifting height, it can potentially be up to 18 meters high or low, depending on your demands. The platform’s size can also be customized.

In order to ensure both the safety and quality, we are always making improvements. Accurate laser cutting, hydraulic cylinder protection, and numerous hydraulic safety protection are just a few instances of our dedication to perfection. There are other options like remote control and advanced surface treatment available to the customers.

And if you’re not sure it suits your need, don’t worry – SolidParking provides a professional solution that includes everything from plan-making to after-sale services. So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect car lift for your needs!