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Park your cars safely underground with PTP-2

Release time:2023-02-10

Solidparking PTP-2 has top and bottom platforms, which are united and lifted together. The bottom platform is at the same line as the ground when the system is fully raised for direct in and out parking of the car on the bottom. The bottom space is sun-proof, rain-resistance, and theft-proof owing to its underground location.

Effective utilization of the available space and time is crucial to boost the output, which is exactly the PTP-2 built for. Tested by the market by their steady operation, easy installation, and short parking times. These systems are secure parking solution designs with multiple safety functions.

With a 2500kg capacity and customizable parking platform size, you can park two SUVs in one place. Thanks to our sharing post design, you can install PTP-2 as many as possible side by side to create more mechanical parking space.

Here is a video to show you how to park your cars underground. We would be glad if you could give us a like. So we can keep updating to offer you some great ideas for parking solutions.