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Car stacker lift multi-column sharing design

Release time:2022-11-01

SolidParking TP-270H, two-post-car double stacker parking lift is one of our most popular products due to its low budget and practicality. With a 2700kg lifting capacity, users can park two SUVs. Single cylinder with chain design provides fast speed. Also, shared column design features effectively reduce installation space and cost.

Improved integrated CE standard electrical control box is designed to save labor cost on the connection of the wiring. 17 pieces of dynamic anti-fall locks, limit switch, 24V safety voltage, emergency stop button and dead-man switch provide double safety protection for the user.

All of our demo lifts have been tested more than ten thousand times. Those are the keys that our parking products staying competitive for more than a decade.

The TP-270H model is suitable for both commercial and residential parking purposes. If you are interested in our parking products, please contact us anytime.

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